Common Ground Covenant Church

Pastor John Perkins and his wife, Patrice, planted Common Ground Covenant Church, a multiethnic and multi-class congregation in Jackson, Mississippi. The church celebrated its first anniversary in September 2015. Pastor Perkins, known affectionately as "Big John," is the grandson of Dr. John Perkins, founder of the Christian Community Development Association. Their family has a multi-decade investment in the work of racial reconciliation in West Jackson. 

Yan Lok Covenant Church

The Lord is calling Pastor Ho Lai Lee to plant a new Covenant Church in Hong Kong, China. Pastor Lee has faithfully served as a leader of a Hong Kong Covenant Church for over 15 years. Pastor Lee has been trained by Mission Covenant Church and FOL Antioch. As a sign of God’s blessing on this project, Mission Covenant Church has provided Holm Glad Primary School 2 as base for local ministry to an area with a growing population of low-income individuals from mainland Chinese. This is the first new Covenant church plant since 1990.

Marion Covenant Church

Andrew and Kasey Morrel are in the process of planting a Covenant church in Marion, Indiana. The Lord has already provided a future church building through contacts with the city leadership of Marion. The property, a former school administration building, was damaged by fire and sold to them for an amazing price.  Andrew is working with volunteers to restore the building and put is fundraising for a new roof. They are also beginning to host preview services and develop their core ministry team.

Tokyo Life Church

Tokyo Life Church is the first Covenant Church plant in Japan since 1994. Grant and Miho Buchholtz, a gifted and engaging ministry couple, are Covenant missionaries who have lived in Tokyo since 2010. Miho, born and raised in Yokohama, has a deep understanding of Japanese culture. Tokyo Life Church meets near Ikebukuro Station, one of the busiest train stations in the world. The church views itself as a fresh expression of the gospel for the next generation in Japan.